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20 Awful Fashion Trends

There have been a lot of fashion trends-  some are cute, some acceptable, some are very sophisticated, while some are just awful. I might be in trouble for sounding like a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I have also been guilty of following a couple of horrible trends when I was younger. We all have. And we just can’t help but laugh at the memories. Ah, good times. There was a time when wearing elephant jeans and platform shoes were cool, when teenage girls wearing macarena shirts were looked up with pure admiration, when Nick Carter’s hairstyle was considered the ‘Hair of the Decade’. Haha. Anyway, before I forget that this is post is for the LULZ and not a tearjearking shitflow of 90’s nostalgia, here’s our list of  today’s fashion trends that we find awful. Let’s start with… Continue reading


10 Ridiculous Things Girls Do And Say

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a girl and I’m proud to be one, but there are just some things girls do that I can’t tolerate, like Feeling Gwapa girls who give snide remarks about your oily nose and acne marks as if their faces aren’t horrible enough to scare the bugs away, or girls who act like royals whenever they’re inside a public market. He-he. The list goes on, I know, but here’s my Top 10:

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