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The 10 Types Of Text Messaging Beasts

Text messaging is known to be the most dependable form of communication in this crazy age. And since this is not anymore a generation of 3310 cellphones, text messaging today means less special characters, no more tiny picture messages, no more eye-raping phone back lights, less blinking messages, less jokes…

The only joke remaining, though, is the joke that some people are still clueless of how to use this medium called cellphone without sounding like a bunch of total idiots. So here, my friends, is my top 10 list. I know there is a lot more, but these are the ones that seem to be more common than the others. Hit the jump to view the list. Continue reading


The Day We [Soft]Trolled IRC

Because we were bored. And there was no other way to alleviate the boredom than to to troll for the LULZ. Hit the jump to view the show. Keep in touch for Part II!

Continue reading

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