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Pinoy Soap Opera Cliches

“Hindi ko kayang mawala ka sa’kin, Belatreya. Ikaw lang buhay ko.”

“Pero mayaman kayo, Otenciano. Isang hamak na iskwater lang ako.”

This is an example of a Pinoy TV ‘kilig‘ moment. Sounds familiar, I know. But I made that up. LOL. The female family members of mine would sometimes giggle like crazy in the living room with their sparkling eyes fixed on the adorable love team (Love teams have funny names too. Marian + Dingdong = Dongian. Kim + Gerald = Kimerald. Manny Pacquiao + Jinkee = Mankee) holding hands and exchanging ghastly dialogues. I, on the other hand, would silently predict what’s gonna happen.

I am but tired of this bullshit; it assaults my visual and auditory organs– the lame acting, predictable events, awful dialogues, shameless product placements… But as much as I wanted to escape from the horror of it, I couldn’t; I was trapped inside the vortex. This terrifying Pinoy pop culture is inescapable. Oh, the horror! Someday these dramas will be called ‘classics’ by our grandchildren. Who knows what will happen in the future?

Seriously enough, though, the only interesting one I had ever seen was Amaya. I’m not saying I was a huge fan. I’m saying it was better than the other fucked-up shows. But come to think of it, were there mestizos already during the time of Lapu-lapu, or did the show just fuck our minds? Praise be to Bathala I still have my Philippine history books. After Amaya, there was none. So we’re back to the old stinky programs and its annoying and common logic flaws and stereotypes. Here are some of the crazy things that happen in common Soaps:

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