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Tae: A Tae Special

Ahem. Pasintabi lang po sa mga kumakain! Lol I bet you read that in Mike Enriquez’s voice.

Though some of us often disregard shit as gross and useless, we can never deny the fact that it plays an important role in our lives. Issues about bowel movements are most commonly kept private because of societal norms, and sometimes discussions about it lead to a familiar sense of an ending (People often say ‘Ending na, tae na man storya’). But we are just about to begin, my friends. What is it that your shit is telling you? Here’s a list of some types, because I think it’s about time to educate ourselves about its importance. And thank God he gave us shit.

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20 Awful Fashion Trends

There have been a lot of fashion trends-  some are cute, some acceptable, some are very sophisticated, while some are just awful. I might be in trouble for sounding like a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I have also been guilty of following a couple of horrible trends when I was younger. We all have. And we just can’t help but laugh at the memories. Ah, good times. There was a time when wearing elephant jeans and platform shoes were cool, when teenage girls wearing macarena shirts were looked up with pure admiration, when Nick Carter’s hairstyle was considered the ‘Hair of the Decade’. Haha. Anyway, before I forget that this is post is for the LULZ and not a tearjearking shitflow of 90’s nostalgia, here’s our list of  today’s fashion trends that we find awful. Let’s start with… Continue reading

Our Attempt On Cebuano Erotica

NOTE: This post is not suitable for minors.


Usa ka gabie, naglakaw si Terry Boy sa madulom nga lawak sa Tabunok dihang iyang nasiplatan ang maanyag ug hubag nga si Magda. Dugay na siyang adunay pagtan-aw niini, apan iya rang gisalikway ang iyang gibati kay kwartahan kini sila ug pamilya ug hilabihan gyud ang ka-anyag niini. Kaniadtong bata pa sila igo lang gyud siya sa pagtan-aw kaniya labon magduwa kini ug barbie doll didto sa ilang teres. Puti kaayo siya ug panit, mura ba ug ploresen kahayag, mura’g diyosa nga mikanaug gikan sa langit. Ang iyang buhok sama kaitom sa uling nga gipalit ni Terry Boy ganina sa tindahan nila Titing, apan sinaw pa sa opaw nga ulo ni Bembol Roco. Mura ba siya ug modelo sa Sunsilk. Iyang mga ngabil mura pud ug bugnay nga nahinog na ug pagkalami na lang bang supsupon ug wala’y undang.

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Thank you, Morrissey.

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The 10 Types Of Text Messaging Beasts

Text messaging is known to be the most dependable form of communication in this crazy age. And since this is not anymore a generation of 3310 cellphones, text messaging today means less special characters, no more tiny picture messages, no more eye-raping phone back lights, less blinking messages, less jokes…

The only joke remaining, though, is the joke that some people are still clueless of how to use this medium called cellphone without sounding like a bunch of total idiots. So here, my friends, is my top 10 list. I know there is a lot more, but these are the ones that seem to be more common than the others. Hit the jump to view the list. Continue reading

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