Thank you, Morrissey.

Brace yourselves.

While people were having fun partying in Boracay, we were patiently waiting for May 12, 2012 – the day we very much anticipated – Morrissey Live In Manila 2012.

And it happened. After a few weeks of worrying about traveling alone, I managed to get through it. The people from Manila were very nice to me – especially sir Pogz of the Dead Pop Stars. He was the one who helped me purchase a VIP ticket. He also gave me a very schmexy Morrissey shirt.

My precious ticket. Thanks, sir Pogz! 🙂

After smoking a few sticks and talking about how excited we were (because it was so hard to keep it bottled up inside), we decided to get in. The security had to collect my soft pack because cigarettes weren’t allowed inside. It was fucked-up because we were not able to get it again, but it was okay. We were about to see Moz anyway.

I also got to pa-piktyur with my modern hero, Lourd. Look at me, so I was so star struck here!

Inside, there was another security check up. I thought my head was going to blow up when a security person told me cameras were not allowed, but calmed down when another one said mine was acceptable. While walking forward to find my seat, I could see Mariska Verez of the band Shocking Blue singing Mighty Joe on the screen. There was another beautiful song that became my instant favorite, it was called Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth by Sparks. Then another one from New York Dolls called Looking For A Kiss. Then a black and white video of a woman, possibly from a 70’s movie, was screaming. The screaming got louder, then the curtain dropped and revealed a very charming Morrissey with a Philippine flag tied on his waist. He said a very cute ‘Kemusta keyo?’ and How Soon Is Now? began playing.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was there, in front of me, singing: I am the son, and the heir… Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar… People from the back started rushing towards the stage, and soon the stage side was loaded, which is why most of the pictures I have taken were consisted of balding heads, waving hands and blurry images of people. The event was orgasmic. Everybody was so enthralled by Morrissey, including local celeb Anne Curtis and her boyfriend (They were sitting a few inches away, and I was surprised that no one actually gave a single fuck). She kind of reminded me of this track from The Smiths:

Moz throwing his shirt off.

When Morrissey started singing Meat Is Murder, the screen showed up a very disturbing slide show about animal abuse. Everybody fell silent. It felt really awkward. We ate pork a few hours ago before the concert, that’s why. When he said ‘But do you care, do you care, do you care?’, I thought I had seen a disappointed Morrissey.

He was very witty. He left us all dazzled. Also, nabitin. Like sex. “I have so much to say. It’s hard to know where to begin. Therefore, I won’t.” He was also noted saying “This is not rock. This is not alternative. This is not pop. This is opera!”

Morrissey Setlist at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines May 13, 2012

I was expecting him to sing more: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, The Last Of The Famous International Playboys and Suedehead (my favorite), but he ended the concert earlier than expected with There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. I know. It was over much too soon, but it was very worth it. I will treasure this memory forever. Thank you, Morrissey. You stole our hearts away.

Video by: wez1925 (

Also, read Bert Sulat’s take on the Moz concert here.

And don’t forget Divine Lee’s. 


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