10 Ridiculous Things Girls Do And Say

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a girl and I’m proud to be one, but there are just some things girls do that I can’t tolerate, like Feeling Gwapa girls who give snide remarks about your oily nose and acne marks as if their faces aren’t horrible enough to scare the bugs away, or girls who act like royals whenever they’re inside a public market. He-he. The list goes on, I know, but here’s my Top 10:

1. Pretty girls who say they’re ugly.
Truth is, these girls are just Patagad. They say such things to receive overwhelming responses like: ‘No, you’re not! I’m jealous gani kay pretty kaayo ka. And sexy pa! And smart!’ Shame to those who don’t notice the egotism when this happens most of the time. Especially on Facebook where pretty girls are most likely to post self-pity captions on their photos that clearly don’t need any pity.

“This is my picture after ko nanglaba. Gosh I look so ugly! Ewwww my face! T_T”

2. Girls putting on make-up just to have that natural, no make-up look.
Life is indeed full of ironies.

3. Excessive usage of the word ‘Like’.
Ex.: ‘I’m like, you know, having fun with, like, 3 friends and we’re like, ‘Waaaaahh! This is, like, the best ngippirt ever!”
Who wouldn’t be annoyed?

4. Girls who say annoying acronyms like OMG (Oh My God), LR (Late Reaction), IKR (I Know Right), etc. during a conversation.
My younger sister used to say terrifying things like that until I told her I would slap her face if she didn’t stop.
‘Where did you get those acronyms from?’ I asked.
‘Duh. From my classmates sa San Jose.’ she answered, so I asked her what PAG-ASA and PHIVOLCS meant. She said she forgot. I was simply horrified.

5. Slender girls who keep telling us they’re fat.
Seriously. You look like someone who’s been trapped inside a cave for months and you’re still guilty for having a bite of Humba?

“Gerl, I look so fat! I need to lose more weight! HATE THESE CARBS URRR DURR”

6. Girls who blab too much about Twilight.
Suckers for suckers.

7. Gossip Girls
So what if male star and female star broke up? So what if male star admits he wants to be a female star? So what if female star has a sex tape? So what if male star is addicted to meth? What’s it to you?

8. Girls who waste too much cash buying expensive brands.
What, think you’d magically look like a Hollywood star if you wore a Louis Vuitton bag? Do you think your calluses would disappear if you wore a pair of overpriced rubber slippers?
(TANG INA MO, ANG DAMING NAGUGUTOM SA MUNDO, FASHIONISTA KA PA RIN. -The Radioactive Sago Project’s album title)

9. Girls who speak the Gay Lingo
Because you’re not a total idiot not to know that that style of language is regularly used by a particular group of unique people we call Bayots. Well, unless you’re a girl who looks like a bayot

10. Girls who hide their troubles bragging about things beneath a facade of complaint and refusal.
Ex.: Europe sucks!”
“Hinaya sa connection uy! Ilabay ko ning akong Macbook Air ron!”
Facebook status updates like: “Pugson jud ko ni Mom nga mag vacation next week sa US, but I wanna stay here! I hate the US! Duh!”

…And the list goes on. If you think there’s more, please let me know.


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